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About me  -  I am an working actor with scores of tv and film credits, (including 2014 Oscar nominee American Sniper, This Is Us, NCIS, and many more) and over 40 commercials. I'm out there auditioning just like you so I sympathize with the challenge of stay calm, focused, and engaged in the room.  I direct for both film and stage and have taught and coached actors for over fifteen years, both scene study and on-camera, and have coached clients to leads in features, guest stars and recurring arcs on hit tv shows.  I graduated from Northwestern University with a course of study including acting , directing and literary adaptation and am committed to acting as an integral part of storytelling.

Scene Study/ Audition Prep Combo Class

RELAX...and book! The more I'm working on my craft, the better my auditions go.  I feel relaxed and confident, and thus can have more fun and lose myself in the joy of auditioning.  And when I find that zone, I start working more.

Sound familiar?  If so, this combined class structure might be a good fit... 


Here's the scoop:

- 8 week session combining scene study and audition technique

- Everyone works every week

- Each person will do 2 scenes with a partner from plays or films and 2-4 audition pieces from shows currently casting (including YOUR audition sides).

- students are expected to spend a minimum of 2 hours outside of class preparing and come to class off book.


The idea is to nail BOTH your acting technique - (beats and transitions, given circumstances, connection to the role, living in the moment) AND your auditioning skills (blocking for camera, scaling for the lens, interacting in the room, tone of show, breaking down the sides).

These elements go hand-in-hand and one of the two is not enough.  So we'll explore both to deepen and sharpen your work. 


Session runs 8 Thursday evenings from 7:00 - 10:00

new class enrolling for Fall

Eastside Arts/TwinkleToes Dance 5917 N. Figueroa Street LA 90042

Cost is $325 for the 8 week session, payable by check or paypal 


New students by interview/audition only - please contact me below set up a time.

If you've done any shopping around, you know this is a killer deal y'all. 

Hope you'll join us :)


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