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Ages 5-8


This class introduces the core skills of acting in a fun and engaging way. In these one-hour weekly sessions, we warm up body and voice, and then play structured games that foster listening and observation skills, teamwork, and confidence.  Fast-paced and physical, it encourages kids to express themselves both physically and verbally through imaginative play. Great for shy kids!


Ages 8 and up


Like Theatre Games, this is also a game-based class that builds imagination, communication, and teamwork skills. Geared towards a slightly older age group, this class goes beyond the basics and begins to explore the core principles of improvisation at a deeper level with more complex and structured improv exercises.


Ages 8 and up


For those with the passion and focus for performance, this class builds on the skills we develop in the games classes.  We'll cover principles of characterization, stagecraft and other basic acting skills, and will delve into scenework, with students pairing up to work on a variety of comedy, dramatic, and even classical scenes with various partners through the course of the class.  This class requires a slightly higher level of commitment from students with occasional homework learning lines. 


Ages 9 and up


This class introduces kids to the basics of filmmaking including how to structure a story, basic camera coverage, acting for the camera, lighting, editing, and even some special effects! Kids will use smartphones, tablets or other portable electronic devices to do short filmed exercises during the course of the class.


Ages 10 and up


This class build upon the skills learned in Intro to Filmmaking and guides the students through the writing, development and production of their own short films. Kids will use smartphones, tablets or other portable electronic devices to script, shoot and edit their films during the course of the class. Prerequisite - Intro to Filmmaking or demonstrated knowledge of basic shooting and editing in iMovie.

All classes are held at Twinkletoes Dance Studio

5917 N. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles 90042 (in the heart of Highland Park)

***multiple classes and sibling discounts ***

Please visit the school website at for the most up-to-date information on classes, schedule, and pricing.

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About the teachers:


Elise Robertson is a working actor with dozens of tv and film credits, (including 2014 Oscar nominee American Sniper) and over 40 commercials. I direct for both film and stage and also spent two years directing the children's television show Adventures With Kanga Roddy.  I am a frequent volunteer at my daughters' school, and am passionate about working with kids. I view the teaching of listening, speaking, imagination and teamwork skills as an important part of this class.

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