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PRESS RELEASE July 31, 2020

Filmmaker ELISE ROBERTSON Explores Peter Pan as a Misguided Heroine’s Journey in Celebrated Period Short ‘DARLING, DARLING, WENDY’



“A nuanced take”


“Wendy’s troubled disposition is most often resonantly portrayed. Tom Porter’s score is nostalgic and wistful, allowing room for both hope and tragedy. Peter’s innate rash nature, selfishness and disdain for grown-ups are faithfully portrayed, and actor Ty Shelton is spot on.

Production design and DP Beth Napoli’s visualisation make the film look authentic and painfully sad.”


“The film’s dark, tragic ending uses the conditions of the real world to infuse fantasy with the kind of complexity that makes it both identifiable and sheds new light on a classic.” 


                                                      –SristiGayen, Indie Shorts Mag 


“A new and interesting take on a beloved classic.”


“Katherine Sainte Marie’s performance as Wendy holds that childlike innocence while balancing it very well with the darkness and envy that lives within her.”  


                                                          – Rebecca Cherry, Film Carnage


“grips the viewer’s attention”

“Filled with enjoyable performances”

“The set and costume design are clear highlights.”

“A compelling watch. Viewers who enjoy dark twists on classics will enjoy this short film.”


                                                —The Blogging Banshee


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