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SAG member for 20 years, scores of tv, film and commercial credits

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literature, comedy, horror and everything in between

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I love history, historical fiction, fantasy, and deeply personal stories of redemption.


I should've listed Mom first, because it's what inspires my comedy


They're amazing, hilarious, impossible and my everything.

Hi everyone - welcome to the organized chaos that is me!


I am a mother, an artist, and an avid gardener, as well as an actor, director and writer. I love to explore history, to build things, and to collaborate, exposing deep truths in the process.  


My career has been a journey of discovery, traversing many media and wearing multiple hats, and, in fact, willingness to continually transform and grow is at the core of who I am and how I create.


As an actor for the past 20 years, I have appeared in dozens of TV shows, films and commercials; American Sniper, Arrested Development, NCIS, The Mentalist, Sons of Anarchy, Masters of Sex, Six Feet Under to name just a few.  I’m currently having a blast in my juicy recurring arc on Amazon Studios The Power directed by Reed Morano.


I also write and/or direct work for myself, and am currently working on a full length solo project entitled Imagining Rachel that explores the life and work of environmentalist Rachel Carson through the lens of my experience as a mother and fellow daughter of Pittsburgh. 


Past self-produced/directed vehicles include comedy sketches The PTA Rap, the Sex Negotiators, and Mommy Tell Me a Story, all on the MomMayhem youtube channel.


As a director, I specialize in period pieces, including the Peabody nominated “King of the Bingo Game” for PBS, starring Colman Domingo and adapted from the story by Ralph Ellison, Darling, Darling, Wendy, which recently garnered numerous awards on the festival circuit in 2020, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Sensible Thing, and the humorous series The Wisdom of Children for Nick Mom, as well as many plays.


I directed the dark thriller Donner Pass starring Erik Stocklin and Adelaide Kane that aired on Showtime and had a wide digital release.


I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, then made my way halfway across the country to Northwestern University, where I studied directing, acting and literary adaptation, and minored in fine art. After college, I continued my trek west, landing in San Francisco, where I began my career in the film industry as a character painter on Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. I went on to do scenic work on numerous features, and supervise the art department for ABC's stop motion cartoon Bump in the Night and my own model and character shop with clients ranging from Will Vinton Studios to Sony and Atari, before transitioning into directing.


I am Mom to two amazing girls, Stella and Sadie, for whom I wrote my debut novel The Hatching Stone, which won the Echo Park Novel Writing Competition in 2014. If I’m not on set, writing, or driving the girls to their various activities, you’ll probably find me on a ladder fixing something at the house or in my tiny urban garden, where I grow everything from asparagus to zucchini (see my daily pics on instagram @1thingfrommygarden ).


My mission: 


To share the amazing beauty of the world and empower individuals to work towards a world lived in balance with nature.


To help people, especially women, children and the misunderstood to find/create a world where they feel nurtured, valued and whole.


To help humanity understand ourselves and each other better by mining the dark places within, exposing and integrating our full selves in order to foster positive outcomes for as many people as possible. 


IMDB if you're looking for a full film/tv credit list

Enjoy viewing some clips and give me a holler if you'd like to chat!



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