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The life and legacy of Rachel Carson, with a twist...

Explore Silent Spring author Rachel Carson’s nature in this wildly inventive solo show by fellow Pittsburgher Elise Robertson, who uses puppets, found objects, and stage wizardry to interweave her own messy coming-of-age with Rachel’s, as they struggle with their identities as artists, mothers, and truth-tellers. Now booking into universities and theaters for 2024-25. Contact

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Note: these reviews are for the digital version, available through C ARTS here. The interactive live version has been reimagined for the stage is touring now. 

"This film is historical as well as personal, an act of performance and activism." - Wellington Reviews  Read entire review


"The show is technically adept and Robertson is a gifted storyteller, bringing her childhood experiences to life alongside Carson’s. The detail has been well-thought out in every scene and gives a sense of Pittsburgh, an industrial capital finding its feet and evolving into a tech centre." -LouReviews Read entire review

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Feature:

"Pittsburgher Channels Rachel Carson in One-woman Show Imagining Rachel" by Joshua Axelrod

"Tough, uncompromising, nakedly honest. Ridiculously great." - Steve Friedland


"Elise Robertson’s engaging presentation of environmental leader, marine biologist and author Rachel Carson is an Alice in Wonderland for nature exploration in mid-century America." - Maria Leicy


"An amazing piece of art, wholly original, and a delight to watch. Elise brings Rachel Carson to life in a way that does justice to her notable legacy." - Jo Dellapina

"At a time when global warming is so pressing, Rachel Carson‘s brilliance is timeless and as relevant ever." - Brian Donovan

"This one will stay with you, I promise. Actor, playwright, and director Elise Roberston has created this reflection on science, the fragility and the vibrance of the environment, the recalcitrance of institutions, sexism, the writing process, parenting, and the complexities of human relationships. A beautiful piece." - Jay O'Shea

"You have made something extraordinary and you perfectly hit the balance between your story and Rachel's story.  I see the need you both have for each other, that women should have for other women.  I see you learning, but not in a cheesy "aesop's fables" kind of way, just in this wonderful discovery about your own capacity through Rachel's story...moving, beautiful, funny, thought-provoking and fucking educational, bruh!" - Ann Noble


"Loved the subject matter and the way you weaved together your life with Rachel’s and have them interact…… captivating….amazing visual art directions...We loved it!" - Maryclaire Sweeters

"An amazing piece of art, wholly original, and a delight to watch. Elise brings Rachel Carson to life in a way that does justice to her notable legacy. But she goes beyond just Rachel - she portrays herself, at various ages, and seamlessly intertwines these two paths. I've always had my doubts about theater via Zoom, but this is truly the best example of how good that can actually be. Elise makes use of the space and technical features, so the audience is fully engaged throughout. I strongly recommend this piece!" - Jo Dellapina

"From a writer point of view, you really stripped your soul bare and were so brutally honest in this piece and it really made me feel so much. It was brave. Very brave.  You paid a real honor to her legacy. I think she'd be proud of that, wherever she is." - Katherine Sainte Marie

"Both playful and provocative, Robertson's show explores Rachel Carson's story and legacy as well as her own. What makes it unique is how she combines her crafts--as an actor, writer, and director, but also as as a model-builder and a production designer--to tell a grand story in a very contained physical space. An important contribution to the creation of a new medium that we might call "digital theater." - Mouncey Ferguson


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