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Coaching rate:


Most guest stars require one hour, many co-stars can be coached in a half-hour session.  If we are also taping your scene, this will take a little longer! 

I accept cash, check, venmo, or credit/debit via paypal

10% discount for cash clients


I coach/tape in my home studio in Highland Park or via Zoom/Facetime. If coming in person, bring two copies of your sides (email in advance if possible). 


My approach is practical and hands-on. We will focus on:


  • Story - We will explore what your character is doing in the scene and what role you play in the story.


  • Script Breakdown - We will break the scene into specific actionable beats.


  •  Blocking - For the camera, the slightest movements can make a huge difference. We will explore blocking that suits your scene arc and address things like whether to sit or stand, to mime or not to mime, eyelines, etc.


  • Confidence - We will find the emotional touchstones that will help you to feel relaxed in the room and excited to share your work.


With 20 years of experience as a working SAG actor, I know what you are up against and how it feels to be in an audition room. I still audition every day!


As a director of film/TV/theater, I bring a director’s perspective to my coaching. I can help you understand your role as part of the story and how you can bring yourself to the role while still fulfilling the needs of the larger piece.

* I work with a lot of kids, and have a fun and interactive approach for your kiddos :) 



Email me to schedule a session. If your audition is time-sensitive, please text me at 323.496.6659

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